Scrabbling [verb]

Definition of Scrabbling:

race; get into position clumsily

Synonyms of Scrabbling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scrabbling:





Sentence/Example of Scrabbling:

He swung into his waistcoat and coat, scrabbling at the buttons in the violence of his emotions.

All this scrabbling around, searching everywhere for suitable planets.

He appeared to be scrabbling about the floor, playing with her foot.

When he was gone, I found Jim Edwards scrabbling for his hat where it had dropped over behind the desk.

There was one expanse that was sheer rock-climbing, flattened like bugs against a wall, scrabbling for hand-holds and footholds.

They reached his extended arms and ran up them with scrabbling claws.

And the little ways of all one's scrabbling and burrowing and chuckling and nodding and winking house-mates!

A dim, shapeless figure in the black of the doorway, scrabbling of fingers on the wall.

Away up the long stony hill, scrambling and scrabbling, but never ceasing till they reached the level prairie at the top.

On the top of the heap something small and dark was scrabbling and rattling furtively among the coal.