Scragged [verb]

Definition of Scragged:

kill by suspension from a rope

Synonyms of Scragged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scragged:


Sentence/Example of Scragged:

There was no trouble about our going among them so long as Scrag did not wind us.

Make the gravy of a scrag of mutton, a tea-spoonful of lemon pickle, a large spoonful of ketchup, and the same of browning.

The meat on the plate was pork, and the dish of scrag was empty.

He turned about, stared at the plate, stared from the plate to the dish of scrag.

Hunt for the spirit of the coming ruction and try to scrag it!

They were going to try and get you into the senior day-room and scrag you there.

"Now, I wonder whom I ought to scrag for this," he mused aloud.

We'll have a look at the others, please… Roast leg of mutton, boiled neck and scrag of mutton—aha!

The bones and scrag make excellent gravy stewed down, and if done very gently, the meat is not bad eating.

By this time, too, Scrag knew what we were after; she covered her trail and crossed it as many times as a rabbit.