Scraggly [adjective]

Definition of Scraggly:


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Sentence/Example of Scraggly:

A small white board with scraggly letters on it stood there now.

On either side of the road stretched a scraggly growth of trees.

Others helped to strip it of the scraggly limbs which still clung to it.

This was the scraggly variety, almost certainly a poet beard.

"Hosses," answered Watts with an important jerk at his scraggly beard.

Everything is a poem, from a letter to a scraggly nasturtium.

It had a bulging forehead, close cropped hair and scraggly beard.

A smoky tunnel, a scraggly belt of half-city—and then the real country.

The windows were thick with dust, the "yard" scraggly with weeds.

The big trees stand with their feet in the river, and the smaller shrubs are scraggly and spiny.