Scraggy [adjective]

Definition of Scraggy:

tall and thin

Synonyms of Scraggy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scraggy:






Sentence/Example of Scraggy:

Paklin made a sad grimace, and pointed to his scraggy, crippled legs.

Most of the captives were of the appearances denominated "scraggy" or "knotty."

But Scraggy was faithful to his trust, and revealed nothing.

Probably he was tired of water, and swamp and water, and scraggy trees and water.

We passed through the scraggy uplands of Lower Macedonia, and so to Salonika.

With this they bought thirty-five acres of scraggy farm land.

It was scraggy, and though it tore and bruised him he clung to it.

But it is the scraggy ones who seem to delight in displaying their angles.

Jasper twisted his scraggy neck nervously in his loose collar.

I wish you could give me some; but we have all scraggy rats' tails.