Scram [verb]

Definition of Scram:

leave quickly

Synonyms of Scram:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scram:





Sentence/Example of Scram:

To the girls she said, “Scram, if you want me downstairs in two minutes.”

Gibbering, I tried to get away, to flee or scram, but it was too late.

The big idea is, can we grab a plane and scram away from this tub?

We've got to get back to the jeep and scram out of here fast.

"Let's scram before they catch it," Hall said, but he was too late.

One of the men caught sight of him and said, "Hey kid, scram!"

We ought to abandon the Glory to her place in the sun and scram out of here in the lifeboatsevery last person aboard ship.

And there was nothing for Sahr to do but "scram," which is a quaint Earth term for making one's departure hurriedly.

"Yeah—she'll be here, all right, thanks to you—scram—" answered Evelyn, as he went out the door.