Scramble [noun]

Definition of Scramble:

mix-up, confusion

Synonyms of Scramble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scramble:

Sentence/Example of Scramble:

There was a scramble on the instant for muskets, bags, and belongings.

The remainder of the ceremony was lost amid the hurry and scramble of the departure.

Without answering, the other Sister at once plunged into the midst of the scramble.

Somebody said you just had a scramble with old Dmitri himself.

Silver, even, would be treated with contempt, and there would be a scramble for gold.

There was a general rush and scramble; men swore and women shrieked.

Observe who harbors any of the brood That scramble off: be sure they smart for it!

Tamb' Itam had just time to scramble in after him when the canoe floated clear.

The struggle, however it began, had turned into a scramble of blind panic.

They are all in the scramble from the lowest to the highest.