Scrambled [verb]

Definition of Scrambled:

race; get into position clumsily

Synonyms of Scrambled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scrambled:





Sentence/Example of Scrambled:

He'll be gold-bricked if he wears 'em scrambled that way around this place.

Others of the crew had scrambled to their feet and ran to help those at the sweeps.

We scrambled out of the stream and commenced ascending the mountain after them.

There was a breach in the wall over which he scrambled with some difficulty.

I got clear of the stirrups and scrambled up, first on my knees, and then on my feet.

He got other boys to do his exercises for him, while he romped and scrambled about.

We scrambled on the bus and as it pulled away Danny yelled "Hey, Buster, look!"

I didn't wait for more, but scrambled out of the dugout as fast as I could.

I gave a shriek of despair, and scrambled out of the cave howling.

We caught a rope ladder and scrambled up, and at once we felt her speeding on.