Scrambling [verb]

Definition of Scrambling:

race; get into position clumsily

Synonyms of Scrambling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scrambling:





Sentence/Example of Scrambling:

Others of the head hunters were scrambling over the gunwale.

There was no scrambling or jostling for the hot water, no ill humour, no quarrelling.

He could escape into safety while the god was scrambling to his feet.

Sorko scrambling to his feet, shuffling to the table, where he retrieved his bowl.

"Nothin' but my feelin's," growled the rescuer, scrambling upright.

Thoph had jumped, seized the chains, and was scrambling aboard.

Then he turned to Mr. Price, who was scrambling to his feet.

To the right, Hendricks and his men were scrambling into position.

In the flashes of the last shots Davidson saw them scrambling over the rail.

We were in the sail locker, scrambling on our knees over the sails.