Scratchy [adjective]

Definition of Scratchy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Scratchy:


Sentence/Example of Scratchy:

Though the voice was thin and scratchy, the words were clearly audible.

It was a recording, scratchy, and full of unthinkable distance.

Scratchy Wilson's drunk, and has turned loose with both hands.

He was precisely the shepherd for the foreground of a scratchy etching.

The Vicarage was well enough in its way, but fussy and niggly and scratchy.

In other words the grain of sand is "scratchy," so the oyster smooths it over.

The going was pretty thick and scratchy, and one had to move deliberately.

All eyes turned at the sound of her scratchy, birdlike voice.

It was not easy; it was a hot, messy, scratchy, grunting job.

Why, right in the middle of a big, scratchy, blackberry bush!