Scrawl [verb]

Definition of Scrawl:

write erratically

Synonyms of Scrawl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scrawl:


Sentence/Example of Scrawl:

That's Joe's own scrawl, and there ain't a worse from this to himself.

The senator's son read the scrawl, and his face showed his disgust.

Then, at last, he had gathered strength enough to scrawl these lines.

He preferred to scrawl his initials to any typewritten letter which I prepared.

You must not mind the badness of my scrawl: and let me hear from you.

My fear is that you will not be able to decipher the scrawl written so hastily.

She had evidently never speculated on the meaning of the scrawl that had saved her.

I do not know whether you can read the scrawl I have written, but I cannot write any better.

At present, a scrawl from his pencil brings an enormous price.

They know only how to brawl and scrawl 'hot-head' and 'impolitic maniac.'