Scream [noun]

Definition of Scream:


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Sentence/Example of Scream:

At that she begins to scream, but the priest he wouldn't let go.

She did not scream, but her face grew white and her eyes horror-stricken.

But for that scream of fear, the story of Mary Turner had ended there and then.

He said that children did nothing but scream: it was their nature, and did not mean that they were in trouble.

When he found that he was held, Johnny was simply too mad to scream.

Lady Augusta did fly out—with a scream, and a start from her seat.

No sooner did he face her, than Miss Pross uttered a scream, and clapped her hands.

Gerty felt as if she must scream with delight and expectation.

Grant heard her scream and saw her struggling in a loathsome grip.

He was in the act of lifting a girl down from her horse; doubtless it was her scream that I heard.