Screamed [verb]

Definition of Screamed:

cry out

Synonyms of Screamed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Screamed:

Sentence/Example of Screamed:

Madame Gurard screamed when she saw these new guests arrive.

I had, of course, a very bad stomach-ache, and screamed out in pain.

He blew the whistle shrilly, then folded it back and screamed down.

He screamed and kicked over the chair his foot was balanced on.

She screamed slightly, and sunk back in the carriage as pale as marble.

Now there were a dozen marigees that screamed that all was lost.

I screamed brakes in behind him and arrived just in time to have a gallery seat.

Miss Churchill lost her seat, screamed out, and fell from her horse.

First he kicked, and then he screamed, and then he did both together. '

"Ruth," Mrs. Morton screamed, as she caught sight of her daughter.