Screams [noun]

Definition of Screams:


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Sentence/Example of Screams:

As much as this Otto understood, accompanied by screams and sobs.

The screams of my foster-father, who could not move, brought in some neighbours.

Some of these ladies went down with the ship, and we heard a lot about their screams.

And he saw the men's mouths opened in screams that were never uttered.

Gaspard even fell into the water, but at our screams he laughed.

Behind them the screams of the green man made the night hideous.

The screams continued, filling the entire apartment with their clamor.

A volley of screams and oaths from the plain answered the crackle of the Browning.

"Our turn now," they were shouting, and there were screams of delirious laughter.

It will be amusing to change her from a woman who screams as I kiss her, to one who weeps for joy.