Screech [verb]

Definition of Screech:


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Sentence/Example of Screech:

We could hear him screech for half an hour after he left us.

I'd about got to thirdly when James give a screech and p'inted.

But its screech had brought the other dwarfs running to the scene.

Before he could finish his message he heard also the screech of an engine whistle.

But that screech of his was re-echoed from the mountainside above.

I've been back a week now, and even the screech of the L trains sounds good.

As for Blanche, she may stand behind the baggage and screech.

The screech of the brake had deceived the messenger as to the whereabouts of the voice.

A kingfisher was sitting on it, when we came along, and flew off with a screech.

The screech of the owl was supposed to be an omen of death to the hearer.