Screening [verb]

Definition of Screening:

hide, protect

Synonyms of Screening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Screening:

Sentence/Example of Screening:

Instead of screening him I had dragged him in front of the footlights.

Sometimes I have thought, sir, when puzzling over it, that he may be screening another.

Into the screening shadow of the giant trees, and the sheltering blackness.

Screening it with my hand, I retraced my steps and regained the chancel.

Eyes (roving from one group of screening trees to the next): It can be done.

Rachel came to the window, screening the candle with her hand.

The captains of the other ships were screening in, wanting to know what to do.

By the time he landed, his father was screening him from Storisende.

The screening of officers and men at Lockbourne got under way on 17 May.

The costs of sand and shells are costs of screening and storing.