Screenings [noun]

Definition of Screenings:

system of connections

Synonyms of Screenings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Screenings:

Sentence/Example of Screenings:

For this purpose clay or the screenings from some other variety of stone may be utilized.

As the screenings are spread they are rolled to work them into the voids.

Of course in screenings, there is always considerable real wheat, though the grains are small.

These little grains among the screenings are the children, and they are the missionaries' hope.

Eight culverts, having an aggregate length of 306 ft. were built, using a mixture of Portland cement and limestone and screenings.

The concrete was mixed in the proportions of one part cement to three and one-half parts each of screenings and crushed stone.

You and the cadets, along with Governor Hardy, will blast off tonight and go to Venusport for the first screenings.

Then the screenings might be pounded in the mortar, passed through the sieve, and added to the slip.

The automobile traffic first brushes aside all of the screenings and smaller particles of rock, exposing the larger stones.

Screenings having good bonding properties will also be required for the base course.