Screwed [verb]

Definition of Screwed:

twist in

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Opposite/Antonyms of Screwed:

Sentence/Example of Screwed:

The boiler leaked at nearly every hole where a tap had been screwed into it.

I had been thinking and thinking, and at last I screwed up my courage to answer his letter.

Screwed the top on tight, which would make the connection, and then forgot the time.

Mr Flintwinch screwed this out of himself, unwillingly and rustily.

So she screwed up her courage and returned to the side porch to get a lantern.

Next the first cross-piece, as shown in Fig. 90 , is screwed in place.

The first cross-piece is then screwed in place, as shown in Fig. 19.

The rudder works in a bearing that is screwed to the stern piece.

His face was screwed up into the expression Tresler had begun to recognize as a smile.

He put his glass in his eye, screwed up the left side of his face, and looked at her.