Screwing [verb]

Definition of Screwing:

twist in

Synonyms of Screwing:







Opposite/Antonyms of Screwing:

Sentence/Example of Screwing:

He looked at him, screwing up his eyes and showing his long teeth.

The esaul, screwing up his light-colored eyes, nodded approvingly.

A machine to facilitate the screwing of two pieces of timber together.

The boys were in favour of screwing all they could out of their customers.

“By the colour of the sea, sir,” replied the man, screwing up his eyes.

Screwing up the paper, and cramming it into his waistcoat-pocket.

Screwing up her eyebrows as well as her mouth, she tried again.

“To be sure it has,” said the skipper, screwing up his eyes.

“He may have all my share,” said Chris, screwing up his face.

It is the holding back of the screwing action that gives the drive to a ship.