Screwy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Screwy:

I had to move around into about sixteen screwy positions to do all the fixing.

They seemed to come in series of threes in this screwy place, he thought.

For some screwy reason I hoped she had another place to hole up for the night.

My sponsor and I had some pretty good sessions about it, and some of the screwy results I wrote you begin to make sense.

That'll make everyone skew all weird and screwy, and make everyone look guilty.

Maybe it's because at times (though certainly not—I hope—on as permanent a basis as Artie) I'm as screwy as he is.

Because every screwy thing that has happened since we came here a year ago must have an explanation.

This time they ain't none of them screwy Venusians to put the whammy on him, and he's doing okay.

Something in us was different, unrelated; I don't doubt that Tweel thought me just as screwy as I thought him.

Then when the boys in Havana answered that screwy letter perhaps they'd all have something to go by.