Scribbles [verb]

Definition of Scribbles:

write illegibly

Synonyms of Scribbles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scribbles:


Sentence/Example of Scribbles:

He went over to the desk and began to scribble a name on the pad of paper.

If he be a soldier, he is sure to scribble his name with 'lieutenant-general' before it.

Scribble him a little note at once, tell him who I am and what I am going to do.

I must really take my pen to scribble a little before I set off.

I have but little time to scribble, and that is only when we retire to dress.

He took a note-book from under his pillow and commenced to scribble.

It explained much to Barry Houston, that scribble of four words.

A short distance, such a short distance from where I scribble these words, Vanzetti died.

They thank me profusely and scribble the name down on their shirt-cuffs.

It seems to me that nothing matters and yet I scribble verses.