Scrimps [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Scrimps:

He felt that he had earned a good one, and did not intend to scrimp himself.

The manager has a fixed salary, so that there is no temptation to scrimp the buyers.

The news was entirely unexpected and very unwelcome to Mrs. Scrimp.

"I've always had medical advice for her when it was needed," snapped Mrs. Scrimp.

Mrs. Scrimp and Gracie were already seated at the table and had began their meal.

In the meantime, in the house, Edith had tried to scrimp and save, but it was very difficult.

I know what it is like to scrimp and save, and my children are going to be spared that!

They would get along; scrimp and save; even move to Brooklyn, maybe.

And so they live beyond their means or else they scrimp and suffer.

We are all willing to lessen expenses at home, but we are not to scrimp and pinch ourselves all to pieces.