Script [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Script:

After having read it, she assured me that this script was a riddle to her.

"I'll send you the script when I get it back from Manders," Eric promised with a laugh.

He tiptoed across to the bench and pointed to the script beneath the plate.

He opened the book and glanced at the script and the two signature stamps.

I wrote you how much he liked it when I read the original 'script to him?

I've learned every word of the whole 'script, watching every day the way I have.

As it is not dated, its age must be determined mainly by the character of its script.

But I'll change the script of this play to conform to the chase.

I sounded to myself like an actor reading the script of a play for the first time.

Different portions of this script have been seen in many books.