Scroll [noun]

Definition of Scroll:

rolled sheet, especially a manuscript

Synonyms of Scroll:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scroll:


Sentence/Example of Scroll:

Sorcery reads backwards—and I saw him so read from that scroll of his.

A good padre in France read to us from a scroll the whole truth of the matter.

A crowd was gathered about him listening, while he read from a scroll in his hands.

Roll up the paste, with the fruit spread on it, into a scroll.

Flour it, roll it out thin again, and then roll it into a scroll.

The Hebrew took up the scroll with imperturbable composure, "My child!"

Each end curved into a scroll like a landward wave of the sea.

Scroll the mouse over the word and the original text will appear.

Thus he made up his mind to follow the unrolling of the scroll.

And he read the portion of the scroll relating to the journey.