Scrubby [adjective]

Definition of Scrubby:


Opposite/Antonyms of Scrubby:


Sentence/Example of Scrubby:

Country very dense and scrubby; no feed in any of the thickets.

That scrubby menagerie had not gained in dignity from its transference to canvas walls.

He gazed across the shimmering desert to a ridge of scrubby hills.

When they do, they form small, scrubby trees that are of little value.

The ground was very rocky, uneven, and full of holes and scrubby bushes.

His hand went unconsciously every other minute to his scrubby chin.

The water is of a clear pale green; the banks are scrubby grass and mud.

The country at the foot of the range was very stony, rough, and scrubby.

We were again in a scrubby region, and had been since leaving Coondambo.

The country now on both sides of the creek was both stony and scrubby.