Scrunch [verb]

Definition of Scrunch:


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Sentence/Example of Scrunch:

She does not want to listen or talk, she only wants to scrunch betel, and grunt.

"Scrunch 'em, sir," returned the other, setting his heel heavily on the floor.

She was roused by the scrunch of carriage wheels on the gravel drive.

There'd be one scrunch and then quite a long pause before the next.

At last the scrunch of a boot on the wet road struck his ear.

Peter took it and gave it a scrunch which had in it nothing of the invalid.

There was no scrunch of footsteps, the snow muffled all such sounds.

If they stepped on your bare foot they'd scrunch it, wouldn't they?

She thought she heard the scrunch of Kate's feet down there, but she was not sure.

I have found out that you must either scrunch them, or let them scrunch you.