Scrupulously [adverb]

Definition of Scrupulously:


Synonyms of Scrupulously:

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Sentence/Example of Scrupulously:

Gilder scrupulously followed the directions of the Police Inspector.

I was scrupulously careful not to do so, for I did imagine something like what has happened.

Debt he looked upon as the road to ruin, and he scrupulously shunned it.

But the end is so desirable that the means must not be too scrupulously considered.

Dwellings will be artistic, æsthetic and scrupulously clean.

These exceedingly low rates have always been scrupulously maintained.

She walked composedly to the door and Anne scrupulously held it for her.

I have done so scrupulously, and your lordship has therefore broken your word.

These are the only titles the Burman knows, and they always are given most scrupulously.

The Tabu was always most scrupulously regarded, after this, whenever employed.