Scrupulousness [noun]

Definition of Scrupulousness:


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Sentence/Example of Scrupulousness:

He had great qualities, and his excess of scrupulousness was most pitiable.

Here conscience was overdoing its part, and passing from scrupulousness to morbidity.

The Bird Daughter must be a woman of some scrupulousness, he reflected.

Mr. Jones believes that she was alluding to his scrupulousness in matters of business.

Even the scrupulousness of Mr. Vansittart vanished before his golden arguments.

She always disliked learning lessons, and those fits of scrupulousness on his part were her great dread.

I will guard thy ease and thy honour with a father's scrupulousness.

Everything exciting is kept at a distance, and men are trained in obedience and scrupulousness and self-denial.

He was scrupulousness itself in observing all official regulations in the matter of food and other essentials.

It will, perhaps, be found that in excluding them we have acted with too much reserve and scrupulousness.