Scrutinizes [verb]

Definition of Scrutinizes:

examine closely

Opposite/Antonyms of Scrutinizes:

Sentence/Example of Scrutinizes:

He is expected to see and to sing, not to scrutinize and meditate.

Calhoun was able to scrutinize her without appearing to do so, and he was satisfied again.

Mr. Green's small eyes continued to scrutinize Leduc at intervals.

With some reserve, which we must not scrutinize, he began with the political object.

I had time enough to scrutinize their faces as they came out.

Not for some minutes did we have a chance to scrutinize our surroundings.

I put my Mauser inside my coat and began to look about and scrutinize the people.

Then Slone slipped off the saddle and knelt to scrutinize the horse tracks.

For an instant he permitted her to scrutinize the cup, and then his fingers closed.

For some minutes he continued to scrutinize the drawing minutely where he sat.