Scrutinizing [verb]

Definition of Scrutinizing:

examine closely

Opposite/Antonyms of Scrutinizing:

Sentence/Example of Scrutinizing:

He paused, scrutinizing the faces of Atherstone and Marion with his glittering eyes.

Mr Osborne stood before me, scrutinizing me with severe grey eyes.

It was a look deliberate and scrutinizing, in a sense doubtful, and yet not unkindly.

He noticed, when he reached this, the difference in the faces he was scrutinizing.

Razumov gazed down at her with silent, scrutinizing attention.

But the Lugareo had been going through a pantomime of scrutinizing my person.

"It's Norden, all right," Masters said, scrutinizing the captive.

"Let's see it," proposed Josie, taking the bill in her hand and scrutinizing it.

They went to scrutinizing the cracks of the floor more closely than ever.

The stranger turned from scrutinizing his surroundings, and stood at gaze.