Scudded [verb]

Definition of Scudded:

skim across

Synonyms of Scudded:








Opposite/Antonyms of Scudded:


Sentence/Example of Scudded:

The moon shone clear, and the clouds that scudded across its face were few.

The light clung to the glittering object, and then scudded away.

With this she scudded to the lane, and gave Edouard the key.

Out and up it went, while the runner on first, after one look, scudded for home.

They are degreased, puered, scudded and drenched overnight at 95 F.

Off they scudded and took refuge in a thicket of half-burnt pines.

Away we scudded, out of our course, but that could not be helped.

That pleased her, and she kissed her hand to him and scudded to her own room.

"I's done got mah pay fo' bringin' it," he chuckled, as he scudded off.

There was such a gale from the east that we could do no more than gaze on it as we scudded past.