Sculled [verb]

Definition of Sculled:

propel with arms or tool

Synonyms of Sculled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sculled:

Sentence/Example of Sculled:

I think it probable I sculled away from the spot, as there was nothing to guide me.

The ‘Gull Lightship’ was not far off, so we sculled to her in the dingey.

I had steamed it down the Mississippi, and sculled it up the Orinoco.

I got the dingy out, and was sculled quietly down by one of the men.

He sculled the punt to the little cove by the Head, and there loaded her with rocks.

Seizing the gig's bow, he pushed her off and got on board while Wyndham sculled her round.

The san-pan was then sculled alongside, and her passengers taken on board.

Andrew sculled the Rowan into the channel, and presently dropped the anchor.

But I had sculled through the narrows of the passage before he could reach it.

And always, when it fell, we sculled fiercely and gained on her, if only a little.