Scullery [noun]

Definition of Scullery:

room for cooking food

Synonyms of Scullery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scullery:


Sentence/Example of Scullery:

She went to the scullery and returned with cups and saucers which she put on the table.

The Princess did not yet know of the engagement of His Highness to the scullery maid.

The knif eboard in the scullery has n't been used above a—a few times.

There are those who said that you got out of the scullery window into the back street.

He followed her through the kitchen, the scullery, and so into her bedroom.

But that would be after the chores in the scullery were over.

"No, sir, I was in the scullery washing up," the girl replied.

If the garden door is locked, you can climb the wall and get on to the scullery roof.

He took the key out of the scullery window, and they entered.

One morning the postman came just as he was washing in the scullery.