Sculptor [noun]

Definition of Sculptor:

sculpture maker

Synonyms of Sculptor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sculptor:


Sentence/Example of Sculptor:

A sculptor was set to work to carve a new one from the ruin.

A stroke of the mallet may be more effective than the sculptor had hoped; but it was intended.

Not for myself, but for a sculptor I know who's on the look-out for a Psyche.

The sculptor, delighted, gave a long pull at his pipe, and blew a cloud of smoke.

Then the laughter began again, while the sculptor stammered his explanations.

The sculptor shrugged his shoulders amidst the general laughter.

You are a sculptor, Socrates, and have made statues of our governors faultless in beauty.

I know that Pheidias is a sculptor, and that Homer is a poet; but what appellation is given to Protagoras?

On this table were some sculptor's tools—a chisel and a small mallet, with which she had been working.

I admire also Sophocles as a tragedian, Polycleitus as a sculptor, and Zeuxis as a painter.