Scurried [verb]

Definition of Scurried:

move along swiftly

Synonyms of Scurried:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scurried:





Sentence/Example of Scurried:

Eccles jumped down from the box and scurried to open the front door.

He nodded; she jumped out; and they scurried through the drizzle.

He whined pleadingly, and scurried playfully in and out of the underbrush.

Back and forth they scurried to the sound of that guttural Japanese voice.

They scurried with tickling little feet and he could not sleep.

The yelling Indians had had their blunt warning and now scurried for cover.

She scurried out, and returned a moment later with a thick bath towel.

Down they scurried like three valiant marsh hens to aid the turtle.

The doctor and I scurried back to the shelter of the cottage wall.

The naked Apaches, leaping like jack-rabbits, scurried for cover.