Scurry [verb]

Definition of Scurry:

move along swiftly

Synonyms of Scurry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scurry:





Sentence/Example of Scurry:

Then out of the scurry and whirl, the old terrier was observed to get on top.

The voice shouted again and was answered by a scurry of horses' feet.

We had to scurry out in a hurry to avoid being penned there.

In the hurry and scurry that ensued, Sandy escaped sadly to the square.

He left the woodchucks to scurry about the pasture as they pleased.

As he rose to go, he saw a small dark object 27 scurry over the snow.

The dancing and the scurry of pattering feet had both ceased.

They did not dash and rush and scurry through their lives in those days, as we do in these.

There was a scurry, and a scrambling on the floor, in the doorway, and in the passage outside.

There was a scurry of feet, the gate banged and he was gone.