Scurvy [adjective]

Definition of Scurvy:

shameful, bad in reputation

Opposite/Antonyms of Scurvy:

Sentence/Example of Scurvy:

That's a scurvy welcome to give a nephew you haven't seen for eighteen years.

But what are you to do when the boys clear out, and—and play you such a scurvy trick?

Salt meat is not so easily digested as fresh provisions, and has a tendency to produce putrid diseases, especially the scurvy.

Isn't there danger of scurvy if we have nothing but salt pork to eat?

I asked shocked, “who would think of such a scurvy trick, sir?”

She had been under my care three years before for sailor's scurvy.

Handel thought the orchestra was just playing him a scurvy trick.

Half the crew of seventy-seven perish of starvation and scurvy.

The Resolution had only three men on the sick-list, and but one of these had the scurvy.

In the middle of summer many of his crew were attacked by scurvy.