Scuttlebutt [noun]

Definition of Scuttlebutt:


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Sentence/Example of Scuttlebutt:

And you had no information direct or indirect of any kind or character, scuttlebutt, hearsay or otherwise, up to that moment?

"Just understand that I don't give a hoot in a scuttlebutt if you do turn me over to the police," pursued the man.

Every now and again one or another of them, choked with the dust, went to get a draft of lukewarm water from the scuttlebutt.

Did there come to your attention any scuttlebutt among employees as to any past history of his?

Was there any scuttlebutt around the camp in that regard with respect to him?

What was the scuttlebutt about that particular incident, if any?

I was about to lead him aft, but his eye caught sight of a scuttlebutt, and the tin-pot on its head.

I got that from the scuttlebutt, one of the guys who knew him from overseas.

Was there any scuttlebutt or rumor that he shot himself to get out of the service?

Was there any rumor or scuttlebutt that he at one time had been given some psychiatric attention?