Scuttled [verb]

Definition of Scuttled:


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Sentence/Example of Scuttled:

Madden seized it, whispered his own name and scuttled in over the gunwale.

Was said to have been one of the finest men who ever scuttled a ship.

Had he not scuttled a Spanish carack four years ago in the bay of Funchal?

They are the Germans who blew up factories, set fires, scuttled ships.

Wadakimba, viewing all this from afar, had scuttled off to his hut.

A rabbit or two scuttled away, and a pheasant flew off with a whirr.

He would have scuttled my play in dock and grinned at the rising bubbles.

Joe: What do you know of scuttled ships, and rascals ripped in fight?

And this time it was the Nipe who scuttled back out of the way.

At present she scuttled on ahead, conveniently out of their way.