Scythe [noun]

Definition of Scythe:

cutting tool

Synonyms of Scythe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scythe:


Sentence/Example of Scythe:

Only one thing could surpass him: the scythe of death which blindly mows the world.

There is another ahead of him there, with the head of a scythe inside his smock.

The American pioneers had only a sickle or a scythe with which to cut their grain.

Close by them a man was preparing to scythe out one of the dell-holes.

If the ould Governor's got a tongue like a file, Philip's got a tongue like a scythe—he'll mow them down.

Mark, upon this, took up a scythe and began to cut the wheat.

Hugh wielded the scythe the whole of the harvest, and Margaret gathered to him.

The scythe, the sickle, and the flail were the same as their forbears had used for centuries.

It looked so firm and thick that Dave said you could cut it with a scythe.

It is a stubborn squatter, yielding only to scythe, plough, and hoe combined.