Seafarers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seafarers:

Kotzebue says that he was the first seafarer who visited the island.

"For the crew it is," replied the seafarer gravely, again with the ghost of a wink.

From the most ancient times they have been the friends of the seafarer!

He was not dying like a seafarer who had fairly earned his reputation.

There, by every nation, every seafarer, he will remain a shunned and abhorred Ishmael for all time.

The wonderful poem of "The Seafarer" seems to be in two distinct parts.

It would be unfair to impute a monopoly of superstition to the seafarer.

Then he arose quickly, like a seafarer who all at once seeth the land; and he shouted for joy: for he saw a new truth.

Another fine poem of this class, somewhat similar to the 'Wanderer,' is the 'Seafarer.'

The seafarer sees it, and thinks that it is an island, and goes to arrive there to prepare his meal.