Sealed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sealed:

His work, a sealed book to his women before, lay open to her.

And now the name of the town whose doom was sealed was no secret.

The cover was blank; it was sealed with a small device, as of a ring seal.

She sat down, wrote a hasty line, sealed, and gave it to Morton.

The hour that sealed the compact between us was one of regret and alarm.

Mr. Galloway sealed the letter, stamping it with the seal hanging to his watch-chain.

He then held out his hand for another of the letters, and sealed that.

It was not sealed, but pasted close; the handwriting was quite unknown to him.

I sealed my letter, and, not trusting it out of my own hands, delivered it myself that day.

Whereof this letter, sealed with our affixed seal, is witness.