Sealing [verb]

Definition of Sealing:

make airtight

Synonyms of Sealing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sealing:

Sentence/Example of Sealing:

The method of sealing must also be judged before the can is opened.

Then bottle it, sealing the corks; and keep it in a dry place.

When he was in the act of sealing the letter, someone knocked gently at the door.

Groensveld is sealing his letters for London, and must have mine now or never.

Melt in an earthen or iron pot half a pound of black rosin, half a pound of sealing wax, and a quarter of a pound of bees wax.

The obliging salesman had permitted him to do the sealing on the premises.

With respect to sealing, batteries may be divided into two general classes.

Remember that sealing compound will not stick to a wet surface.

Then put on the sealing nuts and tighten them partly with your fingers.

Then tighten the sealing nuts with the special Exide wrench.