Seaman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seaman:

Now this carpenter and seaman show themselves no doubt for what they are.

The seaman and travelers awaited their end with lamentations.

The wine was brought, and the captain filled the glasses with a seaman's heartiness.

The mate called a seaman, and passed aft himself to execute the order.

And, at this, I brought to and looked him up and down and answered him as a seaman should.

Never, I believe, in all this world was a seaman so frightened.

So much comes of being a seaman, who can speak to folks when others are dumb.

There was no lack of enthusiasm in the "able seaman's" answer.

The sight of the greasy ham sandwiches was too much for the "able seaman."

As good a seaman as he was would have fetched port afore this if he was atop of water.