Seamen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seamen:

Most of them went on to New York, and were swallowed up in the great vortex of seamen.

Nelson, at the head of a few of his seamen, leaped upon the beach.

My seamen are now what British seamen ought to be—almost invincible.

So it is that seamen love these birds and look for halcyon weather.

The seamen in return purvey the needful luxuries for lumber-camps.

She shows her power on the seas and for this reason the seamen worship her.

Neither the Arabs nor the seamen, however, lost any unnecessary time at the meal.

Seamen, you know, are superstitious on the subject of corpses.

This saint became the Christian successor of Neptune, as the protector of seamen.

The romance in the belief of the seamen had got hold of her, had touched her.