Seamstress [noun]

Definition of Seamstress:


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Sentence/Example of Seamstress:

That's the seamstress who was mentioned to me by a small tenant of mine?

The supposed Evremonde descends, and the seamstress is lifted out next after him.

She did not yet know whether she was present as a seamstress or as a guest.

Lucy Watson, the girl whom you met in the hall just now—is my seamstress.

She was a seamstress and a widow with one little daughter, Nettie.

The lingerie was of the best, and the seamstress was engaged on it for many weeks.

The policeman cast his not unkindly look over the figure of the seamstress.

Martin put the plants down, and turned round to the seamstress.

Tears rolled down the seamstress's cheeks; she could not answer.

The seamstress, stealing about her avocations, paused now and then to look at him.