Searchers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Searchers:

These matters did not interest the searcher in the slightest; they only wasted his precious time.

Is not the name of the author commonly uppermost in the mind of the searcher?

Our spirit must be that of the searcher for new truth, and for a better life.

He thought he recognized the black back of the Searcher, and he was not mistaken.

It would hold half a dozen men, and floated by the side of the Searcher.

He would not leave the Searcher without Carl and the professor.

Then suddenly Captain Vindex appeared on the deck of the Searcher.

By the agitation in the water the party knew the Searcher was after them.

When the searcher discovers the trick the game is, of course, at an end.

The searcher drew a quick breath as she separated it from its fellows.