Searching [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Searching:

Yes, I meant no harm to Mortimer in searching for this evidence; it was only to clear your brother.

It need hardly be said that a searching inquiry was instituted.

The hot, searching, stifling African day took possession of the world.

She seemed to be searching in the depths of her mind for some argument to oppose to my assertions.

As we entered the ballroom, her eyes were wistful, searching, yet not expecting to find.

Bohun inclined his head, searching Nat's face with his keen, bright eyes.

Now he was sure that she had been searching for the gladstone bag.

And among all the telegrams I was searching first for one, just one name.

(searching about with officious haste) If it's above ground, I'll find it.

She was looking about her on all sides, in a fidget of annoyance, searching for him, and to his dismay she saw him.