Searchingly [adverb]

Definition of Searchingly:

with concentration

Synonyms of Searchingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Searchingly:

Sentence/Example of Searchingly:

He took her face in his hands, lifted it, and his eyes met hers searchingly.

He looked me over now, searchingly and with a glance of mingled curiosity and anger.

She continued to look at him, wistfully, searchingly, gently.

Long and searchingly Rose-Red looked at him, then seized his hand.

Joe turned and looked at me searchingly, with a trace of that old affection of his.

He looked at Hermione swiftly, searchingly, then dropped his eyes.

She conned him searchingly, and the complete calm of him at such a time amazed her.

She looked at him searchingly, as if trying to see whether he spoke in earnest.

The tone of these words was so extraordinary that I looked at him searchingly.

He was carefully and searchingly examined by that shrewd committee.