Seashore [noun]

Definition of Seashore:


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Sentence/Example of Seashore:

She came home from the seashore a week earlier so as not to miss it.

The hill men needed what the men on the seashore could supply.

The taste is pleasant, and the odor is distinctly that of the seashore.

I would suggest your going to some resort, either in the mountains or at the seashore.

Now he shipped many boxes of these to other seashore and mountain resorts.

To Brand they seemed as numberless as the pebbles on the seashore.

A young Mexican, tired of his work, was sauntering one day on the seashore.

Why did Thorvald insist upon their going on to the seashore?

We should be selfish indeed to grudge her a few weeks at the seashore.

The square near the seashore was by that time full of refugees.