Seasick [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Seasick:

I wished that I were ill, but I remembered that the one thing I must not do was to be seasick.

Has charge of the Atlantic liners, wireless, and the seasick.

Do you think, Jerry, that we're likely to get seasick again?

Now, if I'm ever going to be seasick I suppose this is the time to begin.

An asylum for landsmen who would rather die of drink than be seasick.

Richard Blount sent some remedy to the steamer for us, just in case we were seasick.

Papa and mamma were seasick; but Fanny and I were not, and we liked to live on the water.

"My friend is afraid he'll get seasick," observed Clancy, with a wink.

The wife of the seasick passenger was about to leave the stateroom for dinner.

I am not seasick, but there are times when tobacco loses its attractiveness.